Oct 30, 2007

My Color Bible - Exploring Dana's Design Library

Ok, I have scoured the bookstores for books on color. Many are cute, offer inspiration and ideas, but most are not very meaty.

In fact, some are very disappointing. I really don’t need a book that analyzes my mood swings or checks my horoscope to help me decide what color is right for my room. I don’t find the books offering predetermined color palettes – color swatches or ready-made palettes - very helpful either. And most people have told me they are frustrated by such books.

As I prepared for my Color Confidence class, I came across a truly substantive book by Jonathan Poore, with photography by Eric Roth. Their book - Interior Color by Design - offers practical instruction for applying color theory. I found the checklist in the back of the book especially helpful.

Jonathan Poore gave me permission to use his book’s outline and photos for my Color Confidence presentation. He told me that what inspired him to write the book is that he could not find a practical book on color theory. This surprised him, but he did what every good author should do: write the book you want to see.

I have only a few design books on my shelves. I just don’t like the clutter. So what goes on my shelves must be meaty. Poore’s book is my bible on color.

I have two other books on color, next to Poore’s, but that is it. More on those later.

What design books do you find helpful or inspiring?

If you would like to schedule the Color Confidence class based on the book, Interior Color by Design, please contact me at 314-652-1759. I will be giving my next class on November 6th at 7 p.m. Please call me for details.

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