Oct 29, 2007

Families on the Wall

Photo as seen on Melanie Mauer's blog.

Whitney Johnson brought to my attention a blog by photographer, Melanie Mauer in Lexington, Kentucky. Melanie discusses the use of family photos to build a montage or collection on the wall, rather than the ubiquitous large and very posed family portrait hung over the mantle. Her ideas are worthy of our consideration as we think about filling our walls with family memories.

I personally enjoy the trend away from the posed and predictable family portraits of the past to the more natural and fun photos I am seeing done today. Seems that is how I really see families. Won’t our posterity enjoy seeing us how we really are? Notice the family photo on Melanie’s blog (also above). What do you think when you see this family?

This reminds me of a photo shoot Katherine Bish did with our Habitat for Humanity family. I asked Katherine to take photos of the children (see below photo) and to catch them in their normal surroundings doing their normal kid-thing. The photos turned out darling. But mom, Ursalon, was not sure at first: “If I’d known you were taking their photos I would have combed their hair!”

Photo courtesy of Katherine Bish photography in St. Louis, Missouri

We hung the photos in the entryway and encouraged Ursalon to give it some time. If after some time Ursalon still wanted different photos, then we would help her to replace them. Neighbors and family members loved the photos and begged her to keep them. After a week, Ursalon said, “I love the photos, they are the favorite thing in my home!”

Gina Adolphson hangs photos in the Berry-Crawford home with the help of Jacobi.

And here is a budget-saving tip: the frames you see in Ursalon’s home were bought at the Habitat for Humanity Restore (on Forest Park Parkway in St. Louis Missouri). All three wood 11 X 14 frames with mats and glass were bought for just $5 each (see above photo). Gina Adolphson, interior designer and my partner for the project, painted the frames with a black gloss spray paint to give them a contemporary look.

Consider catching your family on film just being a family. What spirit and fun can these photos bring to your walls? What conversations might result from looking at fun family photos?

Show us your family on the wall!

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awwwh, i'm blushing dana! thank you for the sweet mention! warmly, -melanie-