Oct 17, 2007

Ask Alice - a favorite

I like to share my favorites and Alice Fakier ranks up there. Why? Because she follows the doable-livable-affordable approach to interior design that this blog is all about.

I love her new series, an online 12-part video series featuring practical do-it-yourself solutions for common design dilemmas. These are projects that can be done by anyone with a limited budget and time and don’t require advanced carpenter skills. This month she features easy window treatments.

Fakier says she aims to be “inspiring, not overwhelming.”

She believes design is should not be taken too seriously, "It's not like it's brain or cancer surgery," she says. "It's important but it's supposed to be fun. If you make a mistake in design, it can usually lead to some thing more interesting. Or, at the very least, it can be redone."

I agree!

Got a design dilemma? Go Ask Alice!

And/or email me your interior design questions at dana@danasdesignstudio.com. I hope to hear from you!

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