Aug 27, 2007

The Design Fairies now that’s working together!

The Design Team for the Berry-Crawford Family

I believe in collaborative interior design – developing a team approach to achieve the best results in home decoration. I will speak more about this philosophy as time goes on, but let me say this:

I don’t subscribe to the approach used by many of the more sensational television home-makeover shows where they send the homeowners away during the room or home makeover project and bring them back for the surprise reveal.

You may remember one episode that became know as "Crying Pam", when a woman broke down in tears at the surprise reveal of her living room. The designer ignored her request not to touch the fireplace facade, the only thing she did not want to be changed in the room.

To achieve no-tears design, homeowners need to be in charge of their project; after all, they are the ones who will live with the results when the designers have gone home!

For an example of interior design collaboration on a grand scale, check out “The Design Fairies”, in At Home Magazine.

Aug 21, 2007

Hide It - now that's clever!

Ok, one of my pet peeves is when a builder installs the most unattractive elements in full view, like the thermostat or alarm system.

Jane had this problem on a focal wall in her living room. She thought about having her thermostat moved to another wall around the corner, but it would be too costly. Jane has a collection of quilts. So our minds started cooking, why not put the quilt over the thermostat!

For easy access we put the quilt on a swing-arm curtain rod, found at most big-box retailers that carry home decor. We found ours at Linens -n- Things.

Have you ever had this dilemma?

What have you done to attractively hide the most unattractive elements in a room?
Testing, One, Two, Three, I'm On!

Ok, this is official, I am starting my blog. I am responding to a challenge given me by Whitney Johnson, creator of Dare to Dream. She reminded me of my dream and pushed me forward.

I am committed to offering you interior design tips that don't stress your budget or your time and don't require you to have advanced carpenter skills.

Doable, Liveable, Affordable.

Are you with me? Keep reading if you are...and I look forward to your contributions as well.

Happy Birthday, Whitney!