Jun 6, 2008

designHop update -- Christie's home

The Lindell ladies designHop has been busy the last few months. We hopped over to Christy's home to rearrange her living room.

Stephanie (left) discusses layout ideas with Christie (right)

Marianne has a plan!

Voila! A redo that has added color and interest to Christy's space.

Christie already had beautiful things, but she was tired of the arrangement and didn't feel it was functional. We moved a love seat to replace the chair, opening up space in another area. Her room was mostly green and lacking an accent color. We noticed a yellow tray from the kitchen that we placed on the tired ottoman. The tray inspired Christie to pull out yellow pillows and a yellow lamp she had hidden away.

Corner before

We tackled every corner of the room including one where a cello and wreath sat looking very lonely. We added a picture frame making an arrangement of three (we like odd numbers and we especially like groupings made of three items).

Corner after

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