Oct 6, 2007

Tassels - Found it at the Big Box!

This begins a series of finds from the Big Box.

Starting with tassels I found for under $8 at Wal-mart. You can find them in the same department as you find curtain rods. That is a great price for these approximately 8 inch tassels. I find similar ones other places starting at $10.

What can you do with tassels? They complement a traditional or transitional (contemporary furnishings that lean traditional) decor. You can: put them over your door knobs; use them for tie-backs for window treatments; put on Christmas wreaths instead of bows; or hang from chandeliers...the possibilities are endless.

This tassel (pictured below) is used to tie a towel to make a sling to hold another towel. What an easy and unpredictable way to dress-up a guest bath.

While you are at Wal-mart looking for tassels, you can also pick up the Little Book of Tassels, by Danielle Chiel, to inspire your tassel creations.

What have you found at the Big Box lately?

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