Jan 29, 2010

Meet George Jetson -- Katherine's office

I have had so much fun designing Katherine Bish's office. She is my photographer and good friend. Katherine is turning her dining room into a home office.
She wanted her office to be totally different from any other room in the house. The room is closed off by two doors, so we don't have to coordinate the look with the rest of the home. When the door closes behind it's like we enter a star ship enterprise.

Well, sort-of. It's just cool and fun to imagine.

Katherine wanted seating for two to face a large screen TV where she can display her work. The desk will have lighting under and along the desk top, also under and along the shelves above. So the whole work area will glow. Other features of the room are her collection of old cameras and display of her photographs.
What's next? I am sending these renderings to fabricators to solicit bids for the built-in desk. Other furnishings will be purchased at Phillips Furniture where I lead the in-home design program.

I have proposed two different chairs...I favor the turquoise ones. They swivel and and harmonize with the curvilinear lines of the desk. I love the pop of color.

Which chairs are your favorite?

A big thanks to Jeff Hangartner who did the rendering. He understood the concept and my back-of-the-napkin sketches perfectly.

Stay tuned...I will post updates and the finished room.

Jan 12, 2010

designHop at Amy's house

Here is a follow-up to the designHop meeting at Amy Larson's home.
Paul Pagano joined us for the fun. He lent his expertise in mid-century modern inspired design for the make-over.In this video he examines the layout and explains why we needed to switch the china hutch and buffet. Immediately we were struck by how open the space felt.

Amy was at a loss for what to put in her china hutch. We raided her kitchen and found typical plates and bowls in her favorite blue colors. To give them a more retro look we flipped the bowls over and put another bowl on top to create this fun atomic-inspired shape. So simple!

We left Amy with a space to fill for artwork, but gave her a lot of good ideas. Paul shared his favorite artist Jenn Ski.