Feb 21, 2010

Kelvin's place -- my first ever vlog

So here is my first attempt to capture, on film, what I do. This is Kelvin's place that I just finished working with my design-buddy Paul Pagano.

I shot video on my iphone, not the best quality, I know...but starting with what I have.

My purpose here was to: 1) learn how to create composition with the camera, 2)see how lighting affected the views and 3) see how I could get my subjects (people) to respond.

Thanks Kelvin and Katherine for helping out!

I didn't have to talk them into it which surprised me. It shouldn't have. Kelvin is experienced in PR, so he gets it. Katherine loves to talk and is so personable. I should know that many friends will want to join in.

Katherine asked that I not focus on her face because she didn't have her makeup on.

I get that.

So I artfully (at least I think it is artful...thoughts?) shot her from the back and side in silhouette form. You see her camera in the film and get the idea she is examining the space for the shoot, which is why we were there in the first place. Katherine Bish shoots most of my portfolio shots.

OK, so how do I shoot windows without it making my view all dark. I know that you aren't suppose to shoot into windows but how can I show the window treatments then?

Really, I was tickled at how I could manipulate the shots to capture what I want. Film is like playing with clay. Never occurred to me before. I really like this medium of expression. I think I am catching the bug... a little excited, for a moment...but I feel so amateur and limited, scared again.

It's a beginning, right?

Kelvin is a doll, a great client (all my clients are wonderful in different ways). Kelvin is a great communicator and set the design objective early in our first meeting. His goal was to redesign his masculine bachelor pad to be more inviting for his female friends. He talks about some of the things that made a difference.

I wish I could string these videos together, put in music, cool graphics, my commentary...etc. I will learn. I am determined to master technology I find totally scary.

Let me know what you think of the videos...any tips are welcome.

Giving birth to my vlog and beyond

I am thinking -- actually "committed", but that is too scary to put down in words -- of starting a video blog (vlog). It will likely move from this blog to another to chronicle my journey in the making of film including all the spills, chills, thrills,triumphs and defeats. What can I say, I've been watching the Olympics.

I am totally frustrated that photos don't tell the whole story -- my story and others. So this may be a new venture for me. At least my husband and Whitney have dared me to try.

I think Dan -- my husband -- is tired of my wondering when/if HGTV will call. I am not obsessed, though I think he believes I am.

Dan woke me up one morning -- a morning I was trying to sleep in. "I think you need to start a vlog."

Me: "I have a blog"

Dan: "No, a vvvvvvvvvlog, video, post video of what you do."

What? He wants me to have another project? Is he crazy? He knows what a commitment that will be for him, let alone me.

To be honest, I have never given this serious thought. But his waking me up out of a deep sleep prompted my taking this idea very seriously. And opening my mouth to Whitney made me commit.

I am my own worst enemy.

Dan just wants me to move on, keep going...

I do think a lot about what should happen next.

You see, HGTV's Design Star has not called. I sent my application in about a month ago. They might still call, but I am not one to wait around. And if reality TV is not the path to share my voice, then I need to keep forging ahead until I find the right way.

Maybe, hmmmmm....: I start my own production company (The forest); post videos on the web via the various outlets (the trees); produce my own webivision show (lots of trees); create my vlog (planting the trees); gain a working knowledge of film making (pruning the trees); ...or help others to edit their vlogs (multiple trees and forests).

Or maybe it's all that.

Where to begin? The dream, the forest...that is where I always start, the end goal in mind, which is to have a media platform to share my voice and my friends' voices in the creative ways we approach lifestyle subjects (people and topics).

Think "Oprah".

I am dreaming of the Forest, then, but I need to start and grow where I am planted, which for the moment means I need to cut down some trees.

I am money-challenged (husband is unemployed -- four months, but who is counting?) and time-challenged (I am over-employed). I can't do much about limitations I can't control.

I am tired and over-weight. I can control that. Sleep more and eat less.


I am highly technologically challenged. I can do something about that. I learned how to blog afterall.

I hate, really hate, learning technology, but I will try to learn and to geekify myself if needs be.

That is how determined I am. And scared.

So I start here, with my iphone -- the only technological device I am in love with -- that is my only video camera, a supportive husband and tons of supportive friends. These are my resources...this is where I start.

Not sure where this is going...but I am sure it is going, which is a relief (read "whew"!!!) to me because I just don't stand still.

Stillness makes me crazy.

And maybe that is why I am drawn to video/film.

It moves. Can move with me.

In truth, I probably move faster.

Upward and onward and beyoooooooond!

Back to earth...What will I share?

Anything and everything related to topics I love: family, home, design, raising children, gardens (only marginally interested in gardens, but I have lots of friends who are and do cool stuff where things grow.), cooking (I am only interested in 30 SECOND meals for my grab-and-go lifestyle)...etc.

It won't star me alone. THAT would be nauseating, watching and editing myself, yuk, cough, gag...yuk. But it will include my friends...and friends of friends...etc.

First friend: Paul Pagano, designer friend also seeking a media platform.

I'll focus on where I live -- wonderful St. Louis, my home of 11 years -- and on what I know, some home and family topics of relevance to the world.

Yep, I can handle that.

My journey will be supported by my family, friends, media-mentor friends, PR professional friends...and anyone interested in this journey. Yes, I saw Julie and Julia .

Please, please come along for the ride!

Tell me what you like, what you don't...help me and others develop our video skills.

Send me your videos, send examples of videos...on the lifestyle topics I/we love.

Whitney told me to give myself a homework assignment each day. So tomorrow I will start, just start. I will post videos and muse about what I learned...and want to learn.

How's that for starters?

Feb 6, 2010

Angela Adams

I am a sucker for amazing area rugs...I think they can make a room and be a great starting point. How about these Angela Adam rugs.