Feb 20, 2008

"Stylish Spaces for Little Faces"

I love to highlight home decorating entrepreneurs in St. Louis.

Recently I met Sara Zigman, creative director and the brain behind Three Little Ziglets, children's room furnishings and accessories. Inspired by her triplets, Sara discovered a passion for painting and designing furnishings for her girls. She turned her passion into a business.

Her items are not only beautiful and custom, but also practical:

The furnishings are designed to grow with the child from the nursury through elementary school.

Her murals are painted on cloth or canvas -- a clever and easy way to provide a focus for a blank wall. Unlike murals typically painted on walls, Sara's are designed to be moveable, infact she calls them "moveable murals". This is ideal for anyone who might move and doesn't want the hassle of redecorating the new place.

It is easy to shop online for her items. Just select a pattern from nine selections, pick the pieces and click a button.

1-2-3, as easy as three little ziglets!

Feb 19, 2008

Shout Outs for Faves -- art and design

Here is a shout out to a couple favorites:

It is so fun to find people around the world via the blogosphere, but especially fun when you meet a neighbor. In my backyard of St. Louis, artist, Lee Klein, found me. I am so delighted. She does such beautiful contemporary art. You can find her work on the East coast and in the West; in Washington DC at the Watergate Gallery and in Jackson, Wyoming at the Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary.

In addition to her own work, Lee can help you to collect and display the perfect art for your space. She says:

"I can work within your budget to help you build your fine art collection to include photography, paintings, works on paper, and sculpture from artists around the world. Fine Art in a home or corporate setting lends class and sophistication".

Our favorite for elegance on a budget: Brocade Home is having a 40% off sale. Also check out their new scrumptous bedding collection: Mist Dream.

Feb 17, 2008

Chalkboard Art

I have been searching blogs for examples of DIY projects using chalkboard paint. Here is one from design*sponge that is a work of art.

Simply stunning.

Did you ever think you would see this on a chalkboard? It beats stick figures!

You know, if I got this artistic on a chalkboard, I would want to preserve it with a matte finish spray varnish. I would preserve just the design and leave the blank space free to write messages.

I have discovered that visiting blogs and websites is a great way to search out design ideas. On sites that will let you search, type in something that interests you. In my case, I want to find examples of chalkboard paint DIY projects. So I search for "chalkboard paint". I have found tons and will share my favorites in the next couple days.

Feb 16, 2008

Kimberly's Vintage Chalkboard

Chalkboard paint designs continue with this beautiful vintage chalkboard created by Kimberly of Niesz Home ...and fabric.

Get her how-tos by clicking here: Easy Weekend Project -- Framed Chalkboard.

Also, check out Kimberly's website -- Niesz Vintage Fabric and Design -- a wonderful source for vintage fabric.

Thanks Kimberly for sharing your project!

Keep those chalkboard projects coming! Please share what you have created or anything you have found on the web.

Feb 11, 2008

Good Bathroom Reading!

Oh, I wonder how long we can keep this chalkboard theme running? Well, the Queen of Theme, Becky, wrote me with this contribution.

What a riot, I just love her bathroom walls painted in chalkboard paint. Look at the very fun sconce (or soap dish?) on the wall to hold the chalk. And it looks like a letter or magazine organizer holds the erasers. VERY clever!

I just may do this in my bathroom. What great "bathroom reading" material. LOL

Ok, let's keep this going, if we can.

I challenge you to find, on the web, the best examples of DIY projects using chalkboard paint. Or maybe you have an example from your home you'd like to share. Either way, email me with your examples. Then we might vote for the best ones!

Write me at dana@danasdesignstudio.com or post a comment with a link.

Thanks Becky!

Feb 10, 2008

Cozy at Home with a Chalkboard

We are on a roll with chalkboard paint.

Cozy at Home's Elizabeth Raubach sent this photo of her chalkboard in her kitchen.

She simply painted it and her husband installed the molding to frame it. To keep it fresh, Elizabeth gives it a new coat of paint now and then.

Thanks Elizabeth!

Feb 8, 2008

Chalkboard Dresser

Here is another idea for using chalkboard paint. I love this!

Take an old dresser and paint the drawer fronts with chalkboard paint! Look how this young boy decorates his drawer fronts for organization.

Learn the how-tos at Familyfun.com by clicking here.

Feb 7, 2008

Valentine Vase

A fun idea from UMA ( Urban Materials and Accessories ) -- chalkboard vases. What a fun way to write your loved one a special message.

This gave me an idea. Why not take chalkboard paint and make your own DIY vase.

What other items can get the chalkboard treatment? How about a chunky picture frame or a decorative plate -- write a message on the rim and place treats in the middle.

What ideas do you have for using chalkboard paint?

Feb 6, 2008

Remake by Rhoda

I am so glad I listed my blog with Delightful Blogs because I have been introduced to a whole new community of friends. Last week I met Rhoda and found her blog: Southern Hospitality.

With all the inspiration on the web, who has time to watch HGTV? I can sift through content rapidly and find inspiration without any commercials!

Rhoda focuses, like I do, on remaking or repurposing furnishings and stretching a budget. I was so impressed by her remake of a lampshade. The lamp is a vintage piece with a beautiful crystal and marble base. It was in good shape except for the tired shade. See more details and step-by-step photos to learn her tips for remaking a lampshade.

Feb 1, 2008

"Steel" Crazy for John Beck

Look at what's new from John Beck -- a St. Louis favorite -- this console, above.

I am "steel" crazy for his designs. Check out more: click here.