Oct 31, 2007

CB2 for the Holidays

As I stare at my bowl of candy and anticipate trick ‘o treaters tonight it is hard to think about Thanksgiving or Christmas. But CB2 is making me think about the holidays.



CB2, the new store and catalog, by our Crate and Barrel friends, is just two years old and gaining in popularity.

Stylish and affordable - my two favorite words together! – is the way I would describe CB2.

The furnishings are contemporary and trendy and target the loft or apartment dweller. But I see items that can work in every home.

For instance, I love their beautiful Christmas ornaments with a twist -- a candle in the middle!

Christmas ornaments are not just for your tree! Look how beautiful they look over a dining room table.

If you are lucky enough to live in Chicago or New York, you’ll find a CB2 store. Otherwise order your catalog today!

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