Oct 11, 2008

designHop on Television -- see it in action!

They say a picture is like a thousand words. Video, then, is even better. Sometimes it's difficult to explain the designHop club concept. A lot of people have told me these videos help them understand.

There are two segments. (If the video stops, just drag the cursor forward and back, that should prompt it forward.):

I was lucky enough to strate the designHop club in Salt Lake City, Utah working with kjzz Home Team television host Maria Carr -- thank you! -- and friends of Jordan Paige -- double thank you! Jordan, by the way, is a sister-in-law of Sarah Paige, member of our St. Louis designHop club.

If you would like to start a designHop club or learn more, please leave me a comment.


Whitney Johnson said...

Just fabulous Dana! I agree -- picture is worth a 1,000 words -- and love the idea!

Whitney Johnson said...

Dana --

You have such a terrific presence on television; and you are so calming. I can see why clients flocks to you.