Oct 10, 2007

Color, It's Personal - becoming color confident

Graphic designed by Angela Robinson (http://www.angelwingsdesign.com/) for Dana's Design Studio

I am launching yet another series: Color Confidence.

Nine out of ten calls for my services the person asks, “Can you help me select paint color for my walls?”

Color is the single most important design tool. Yet, most people lack the confidence to use it.

The Color Confidence series will draw upon my popular class by the same name. My hope is that the principles and hints and tips I share will make you brave enough to dip that brush into a can of paint and on to your white walls.

Color Confidence - defined - is knowing what colors you love and how to harmonize them.

Gaining Color Confidence is a lot like learning to ride a bike. You just have to experience it, fall a few times and get up again. Before you know it, selecting color will become intuitive.

To help you on your way, I will give you principles, hints and tips you can lean on - just as a person learning to ride a bike leans on someone to help balance until they gain confidence to ride on their own.

But once you are off and riding I want you to gain confidence to break the rules and experiment to find your own way.

This leads to the first principle:

1) Using Color is personal – it’s not a science.

It’s not what your neighbor likes, it’s what you like.

It’s not something you apply a formula to…it’s subjective, it’s creative, it’s art.

A woman in my class last week asked, “I heard a rule that every room should have a little red in it…is that true?”

Again, there is NO formula for choosing a color palette that appeals to YOU!

And here is my belief, or core value, that drives my thinking: We are creative beings capable of developing our own relationships to color and how it works in our lives.

Will we fall down in the process of building our relationship with color? Most likely.

I create a color palette for a room with a large degree of confidence. But I have developed that confidence after much experimentation – on my OWN home and art projects, thankfully for my clients! And each time I work with color I learn something new. I don’t think I will ever stop learning about color.

You can learn too. Lean on me as we develop your Color Confidence!

I offer my class - Color Confidence - to groups and organizations. Call me for more details: 314-652-1759

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cozy at home :) said...

I have had the pleasure of hearing Dana's Color Confidence class twice now. What a treat! I learned a lot and found it very enjoyable. I highly recommend Dana!