Oct 23, 2009

designHop this Tuesday

Amy Larson is having the designHop club over this Tuesday -- October 27th -- to tackle her decorating dilemma. What to do with blank dining room walls?

Amy says:

"I am reupholstering the chairs this weekend, and hanging the rod and sheers, so the pictures show a very bare room. As you can see, the furniture is definitely retro. I love the retro style, but I also want to put a modern twist on it. I was even thinking about a texture (maybe tiles--kind of like ceiling tiles--of some sort) on one wall in white. I just don't know. That is why I need everyone's ideas! I am buying a lot of accessories for us to consider and then will take back what we don't use. I'm so excited! Thanks again, Dana."

Amy just got her groovy furniture from T.F.A. (Tomorrows Future Antiques) -- a St.Louis favorite for mid-century modern.

We plan to paint patterns on the wall and each member of the group has been asked to bring any paints and brushes to share. Everyone has been given homework to research mid-century designs and bring their favorites found in magazines, books or online.

Amy is partial to hexagons as seen in her dining chair fabric (above)

The meeting's agenda: 1) We will talk pattern and study the retro designs each person brings to the meeting. 2) Then we'll get to work on that blank wall and anything else Amy wants.

We are meeting at 7 p.m. If you live in the St. Louis area and would like to join the group, please leave a comment with your contact information or call me at 314-276-1129.

Stay tuned...I will post the reveal!

Oct 7, 2009

I am in love with Marimekko

I am having a hard time deciding which Marimekko bedding I want to inspire my bedroom.

Help me decide and tell me your favorite. I could take any of them. Bright, bold, graphic...it's me!

When given the full range of the crayon box and permission to let go...I can do wild and fun. It's just happy.

I have two places I want to visit in New York: Marimekko concept store and the MOMA.

Book me a ticket!