Oct 11, 2007

Exploring YOUR style

Website page as seen on www.danasdesignstudio.com. Go to "about" page and click on "tastes".

I was struck by Tim’s comment to me after reading Katherine’s Kitchen. He wrote, “What's the matter with me if I like the kitchen with the ceiling fan and wallpaper better than the little studio lights and the two tone wall? Isn't the latter just current design trends? I like the former kitchen better.”

My answer: There is nothing wrong with you Tim. You may like a more traditional look, a cozy, perhaps cottage or country feel. It would be worthwhile to explore what it is that you are feeling about the “before” room to help determine “your style” – what YOU like and can live with!

Katherine’s Kitchen was remade for Katherine. She wanted something up-to-date and fresh. Her goals may be different than yours.

Here is an important principle: There are many “right” ways to do a room.

If you feel like Tim, you might enjoy the blog: Wind Lost, by Terri. Not only does Terri explore cozy style, she makes the point that we may need to unlearn our notions about design in order to embrace other possibilities.

Do we sometimes feel that if our design ideas don’t match what we see the designers do then it is somehow wrong?

Do we have some things to unlearn?

Where do you find inspiration to embrace new possibilities?

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