Oct 24, 2007

Color First - becoming color confident

I was asked some years ago to teach a class on basic interior design. I focused on one aspect of design: color. Design does not get any more basic than in the use of color.

Why color first?

I tell people to select their color palette before their style. This is because very few people can plunk down a large sum of money at one time for furnishings of all one period or style. Most of us have a mix of furnishings inherited from grandma or found garage sales. Or our tastes have changed over the years and we have accumulated a variety of styles.

Color has the power to unite mixed-matched furnishings.

Photo Courtesy of Eric Roth

This room (above) has iron, wood and wicker furnishings. Walls, furnishings and fabrics in blues, greens and purples harmonize the look. Because the colors have similar attributes -they are cool colors and of the same value (intensity) and strength (saturation) - they bring continuity to the space.

Now imagine this room, same furnishings, but with white walls and mostly void of color. Would it have the same sense of continuity?

Or maybe continuity is not your goal? What color palette might you choose for this room and why?

We’ll continue to explore ways to harmonize our interiors by using color. Stay tuned for more on Color Confidence.

If you would like to book the popular Color Confidence class for your organization or neighborhood group, contact me at 314-652-1759.

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Whitney Johnson said...

Dana --

First off, I'm really enjoying your 'found it at the big box' entries, as well as this 'color confident' piece.

Second, thank you so very much for your comment on my blog. Your words were so encouraging! The clients you do design work for are very lucky!

My best,