Dec 4, 2007

Party Angels

I am recovering from a big weekend helping decorate and host the fourth annual St. Louis’ Crèches and Carols. Displayed in themed rooms were over 500 nativities from around the world.

Each year the exhibit has a theme. This year “Angels” were the theme. So each room, in addition to nativities, also featured angels.

In the modern-themed room angels were made, of all things, party hats. The women designing the room said they got the idea from Macy’s department store.

What an inexpensive and fun way to create angels! It’s easy: just take a decorative party hat, add a Christmas ball to the top, fashion wings from netting, form pipe cleaners for the halo, hot glue all the parts in place and voila! You have an angel.

You can create a whole host of these party-hat angels and hang in a corner with ribbons or place them as center pieces for your holiday table. They would be especially fun on a children’s table. Or how about using one as an inexpensive tree-topper?

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Whitney Johnson said...

What a great Christmas-time activity for kids too!

Any other great stuff seen at the Nativity exhibit?