Dec 12, 2007

My Birthday Party – Found it at the Big Box

Happy Birthday to me, happy Birthday to me…!!!

Today is my birthday, so I am taking the day off.

But first, some items for my shopping list to get this party started.

I am trying to diet.

Target and Wal-Mart offers me the best zero-calorie celebratory cakes.

1) This hat is just about right, found it at Target. The pink glasses, well, I don’t know where you find those.

2) Big blow-up four foot cake found at Wal-Mart, zero-calories, but it is making me want the real thing!

3) Perhaps this candle, found at Target -- smells like the real thing --- will do the trick.

4) Nah, I think I will head to Sam’s club for their triple chocolate bundt cake. Just 6 oz., I can do that!

5) Now I need a serving plate. Found this one at Bed Bath & Beyond. It plays "Happy Birthday". This one takes me back, it is like the one my mother had.

6) Giant Fortune cookies, found at, gives me good luck AND satisfies my dark chocolate cravings. Definitely, order those!

7) Gifts… hmmmmm….maybe this year will be the year I get my skeeball machine (hint, hint, Dan!) Found this retractable one from Hammacher Schlemmer (say that 10 times fast – there, that takes care of the party game, did you win?) that might actually fit in my basement.

8) Balloons, got to have lots of balloons. I will find those just about anywhere.

Which reminds me, I should teach you how to make my “balloon trees”.

But not today….I am taking the day off!


ann said...

I didn't know today was your day - Happy Birthday to you! Great party - especially the hat and the party game. I don't think I would have won though!

Have the best of days -


Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday, birthday girl! Leave it to you to have a virtual party! Love it. Are you doing anything fun today? Wish we could do lunch and an early movie. :)

Thanks for keeping in touch. I love hearing from you.

Have a fabulous day. Really.

Love, love love,


cozy at home said...

Happy Birthday to you Dana!!
29 never looked so good! :)
Have a wonderful day...
I would LOVE to know how to make balloon trees...

Gina said...

Happy Birthday! Fab party. I approve of your final cake choice. Wish I had it for breakfast right now! Hope you have a relaxing day.

Mikey said...

Hey Dana. Happy Birthday! Let your day be lighted by the many people whose lives you brighten. I am dieting also due to diabetic conditions, so I am glad all the goodies are virtual. However, that Bundt cake will keep me from eating this morning. It looks like it is covered with worms. And as I tell my Sushi-eating friends--I don't eat bait! Thanks for all you do--and enjoy a relaxing day off!!! Mike Everman

Mira said...

So now I feel guilty that I wasn't aware (no good excuses) that it was your birthday! I think I will give us both a present and flush the guilt. :D Instead I'll just think kind thoughts of you today and smile!


Kara said...

The bundt cake from Sam's is AWESOME! - But not good if you are dieting. So how about I eat the cake for you. Sounds like a plan.
Happy Birthday!

Whitney Johnson said...

This is hilarious! Very, very clever! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Hi you sweet *young* thing.

Happy Birthday. Awesome.

I do wish you a wonderful day.... filled with happiness, unexpected surprises and much love.

You are the best.

Many hugs,


Dad said...

That's my Chickadee!

karenrose said...

Love ya! Happy happy happiest day to you, Dana. Hope your heart is filled with love today.

So glad we've met.


Audrey King said...

Happy Birthday!! Love your daughter, Audrey. Looking forward to being home soon. And lets go to Go Vinda's soon. YAY!!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday. Makes me want some serious chocolate cake too!


Janet said...

Here I am a day late and a dollar short. Just read my email-imagine that!!!!! Great idea that on,y you would think of. Love the comments.You really are a special lady and I am bless to call you FRIEND. Hope your day was gloriously happy!