Dec 20, 2007

My Etsy "Holiday" Gallery

Painting -- Christmas Toys -- from Fauve Studios

I am so stuck on Etsy -- the online bazaar of handmade goodies.

Right here, right now, I invite you to my Esty Gallery, hosted by me! It's some of my favorite holiday paintings found on Etsy.

Here is an idea: During the holiday season, I like to take down my paintings I usually have up all year long, and replace them with holiday paintings and family photos of Christmas past. It is a wonderful way to add "history" to a space.

Scroll down to see my Etsy Gallery:

From Leaky Faucet, Nativity

From Aceo, Waiting for Santa

From Luluvillage, Mother and Child

From the Vintage Sister, The Sleigh Ride

From Wakulla, Partridge in a Pear

From Leepeirce, Poinsettia

From Lunatiqueart, Father Winter

From Donna Hickerson Original Christmas Art, Christmas Cityscape

From Wjcatnip, Wonder in Red and Green

From Eggman Studios, Lonely Peppermint Tree

From Fauve Studio, Christmas Toys

From 12 Fifteen, Winter Wonderland

From BaabaaCreations, Christmas Birds

To view more, see and search for "Christmas Paintings" or "Modern Christmas Paintings" and be inspired.


Whitney Johnson said...

Really, really fun! Thanks.

cozy at home said...

I love some of these paintings! I will check etsy out. Thanks for the info :)

cozy at home said...

p.s. I checked out etsy... How neat!
I LOVE 12fifteen's work!

Wakulla said...

Hi! I just learned today that you featured my piece in your blog. Thank you so much! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Take care.

Dana's Design Studio & Wholesale Furnishings said...

Wakulla, you are welcome. Love your work. Dana