Nov 29, 2007

Good Stuff Discounted

It’s "unofficial".

Diane is now my scout for, as she says: “Good Stuff Discounted”

You may remember Diane. She wants to find the really good stuff for less.

Well, she found something: beautiful hand-blown glass by Sam Stang at deep discounts. Some are hand-signed pieces.

Stang’s Augusta Glass Studio is based in Augusta, Missouri, but his pieces are sold across the country.

If you live in St. Louis, you have the opportunity to participate in Stang’s annual holiday sale this Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Mad Art Gallery.

Diane has these tips:

1. Go about 45 minutes early to wait in line.

2. Bring a laundry basket with a towel to stow items until purchase.

Here is what happens: The doors open and there is a mad dash to snatch up pieces displayed on tables. Since some items are one of a kind, the impulse is to grab it or you won’t see it again. You’ll see them go fast, but not to worry, little by little pieces work their way back to the tables as people narrow down their choices.

Looking for something truly beautiful for your home or a unique gift?

Head over to Mad Art Gallery this Saturday.

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