Dec 10, 2007

Kelee Katillac – a favorite

Are you struggling to find your style? Often we look in magazines or our neighbors’ homes for inspiration. Sometimes the inspiration we seek is not on the outside at all, but on the inside -- in the heart.

Kelee Katillac -- author of House of Belief -- believes that developing our personal style should be driven by our beliefs -- what we know about ourselves and what we want to become.

She says that a home is more than a place to store things; it should be a place where we receive affirmations of our values, goals and dreams.

Kelee works on the premise that creativity is a force that has the power to heal,especially when that creativity can communicate affirming messages. This is evident in her work with children to incorporate positive messages in the designs of their bedrooms.

I am reminded of Aniyah (in photo on the right), the young girl Emily and I helped to decorate her room working with Habitat for Humanity.

From the beginning to the end, Aniyah directed the project with Emily’s help. Aniyah wanted a cheerful room full of flowers. We called it the “flower power” room!
Pictured above is the entry to Aniyah's flower power room. Photo courtesy of Katherine Bish.

Our Habitat for Humanity project was not like the Extreme Makeover shows where you send the family away during the project and surprise them at the end. What surprise is that, to see someone else’s idea of who you are? No thanks.

Like Kelee, I believe homes should be a reflection of you and your family and what a better way to reflect YOU than by incorporating YOUR beliefs.

Can what our homes say about us actually heal us?

How does your home reflect you and your dreams?

Kudos to Kelee for helping us to reach deep inside to find our style!

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Whitney Johnson said...

Great stuff! Will take a closer look. Thanks for sharing Kelee with us.

Whitney J