Dec 13, 2007

Not Grandma's Wallpaper, Part 2 - Found it at the Big Box

The party goes on, “virtually” forever.

If you missed it yesterday – you can join in now. This has been so fun and, I enjoyed your birthday wishes and my relaxing day off.

But now it’s back to work churning-out design ideas and spreading the good news of “design on a budget”.

My mind is still on wallpaper -– “designer” wallpaper, for less.

What do I mean by “designer” wallpaper? Well, it is the artsy-looking kind, the kind that looks unique, not the every-day kind.

The trend these days in most design is “bold” -- bold colors and bold patterns. So while your Grandmother’s wallpaper might have had small lacy flowers in subdued colors, the new look of today will tend to be large graphic flowers in often saturated or rich colors.


Here are some examples from Graham & Brown, which I found at one of our favorite places: Target.

A fresh take on baroque. This reads "sophisticated". I can see this in an elegant hallway or bedroom.

This reads "periwinkle" or at least it reminds me of Julie's favorite color.

This woodgrain pattern is an inexpensive way to add wood to the walls. This is not your Grandma's wood paneling!

Faux tile in the bathroom. You can fool your guests!

Pots and Pans in the kitchen. Too fun! I can see this being a great backdrop to show off colorful accessories and appliances in blue, lime and orange.

Wallpaper with too much information. This would be fun in an office or it would make good reading in the bathroom!

Wonderful for those feminine spaces.

This can work in about any space as a backdrop for bold color or soft subdued furnishings.

Very retro, very fun! Team this with your mid-century modern furnishings you find on eBay or Craigs List.

I am considering this one for the focal wall, behind the headboard, in my son's room. He already has the guitar.

Very fun for a focal wall. Great in a bathroom or for a child who is a swimmer or diver.

Find more examples online at Target.

Are you getting the “wallpapering bug” like I am?

Tell me, which of these Graham & Brown wallpapers is your favorite and why? Where can you see it in your home?

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