Jan 15, 2008

Mirror, Mirror Re-visited

I am now a featured blog in Delightful blogs. You are free to cast your vote for my blog.

Find it here: http://www.delightfulblogs.com/dana-s-design-studio-link-7040.html It is a 10 point rating scale with "10" being "great" and "1" being "not-so-great".

You be the judge.

Delightful Blogs is a great place to become familiar with the different blogs out there. Through this blog community I am finding blogs I will eventually list, but I do have a day job and it takes time.

So don't wait for me, go bookmark your favorites that inspire you. And feel free to share them with me. I especially want to find the budget-decorating tips out there.

Room in the Hotel de Rome in Berlin as seen in InStyle magazine

Speaking of which, I found inspiration from the Turquoise Chic blog. Well, it is probably high-end because a room in the Hotel de Rome in Berlin does not sound like a room done on a budget.

Ahhhhh, but we can find inspiration everywhere and these mirrors hung horizontally remind me of the dinning room I designed with three inexpensive wardrobe mirrors hung vertically.

I love both ways.

Take a look at wardrobe mirrors at your local big box. They come in a variety of styles that I have not seen in the past.

With design tips like this, and a little imagination, your room can mimic the appointments of a first class hotel!

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