Jan 5, 2008

Molding Tricks -- Linda and Matt's New Home

Linda and Matt, St. Louisans, are new homeowners and soon to be new parents. It's a fun time for them.

Their home is 65 years old and so, as you would expect, has a lot of history and character. They have added their own touches and history already, starting with their dining room.

It made sense to Linda to make the dining room their first project, because she loves to cook. She hosts her own blog -- New House, New Kitchen --sharing her favorite recipes.

As you can see, the molding was an issue. The previous homeowner installed crown molding, but because the ceiling is uneven the molding cracked.

If they replaced it, they would have the same issue. Making the ceiling even was not in their budget.

In order to achieve an attractive finish to ceiling, they installed a picture rail molding and painted above it the same color as the ceiling. This creates a crowing effect despite not having a crown molding.

Dining room before (left, above) and after( on right).

To make the picture rail pop, they painted it the same dark brown as the accessories in the room.

They painted the walls a rich terracotta color and added stunning romantic lighting. The room glows, and I think it looks delicious!

What tricks have you played using molding?

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