Jan 1, 2008

Stylish, Versatile Chair - found it at the Big Box

You know I love a good Big Box find. I found this chair highlighted in an issue of Budget Decorating in their "Bargain Beat" department.

Here's their review:

"Sophisticated and simple, the Rose Hill Deco Chair from Wal-Mart is perfectly at home in the living room, dining room or even home office."

I agree.

And at $150 who can beat the price! At least one reviewer on the Wal-Mart website gave it 5 stars. She said, and I agree, that similar chairs would start at $250.

Need a chair? Have a seat in Wal-Mart's new beauty that comes in a choice of three neutral colors to fit most any decor.

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cozy at home said...

I love this chair!