Jan 31, 2008

Dining on the Door

What do we do with old doors? Why make them into a dining table, of course. Don't knock it (pun intended), this is a great idea brought to us by Julia Crawford via Design*Sponge. What a fantastic custom-look that would make Phoebe proud.

In St. Louis, Missouri, you can find old doors at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, where old and new building supplies can be found for next-to-nothing.

Julia offers her DIY recipe - how-to tips -- click here.

She used legs found at IKEA. I have also seen new and old porch posts or stair posts used for legs.

Please share any DIY repurposed projects with me.


cozy at home said...

Cool idea! I have also seen a home where they used old panel doors to line the walls (instead of beadboard). It looked great.
I love reading your blog :)

Gracie said...

When we remodeled years ago, we had an extra door that wasn't being used. In a tiny bedroom with an alcove we used the door by cutting it to fit the alcove dimension and glassing the top. I skirted the front from desktop to floor and created extra storage space. It served as a great desk and later a vanity area, freeing up needed floor space in this tiny room.

Dana's Design Studio & Wholesale Furnishings said...


Thanks for sharing. What a great idea. If you have a photo, please send!