Jan 30, 2008

Affordable Affluence

When you think "brocade" do you think, like me, "expensive"? Or "Marie Antoinette" --very feminine, velvety, silky or lacy? Or, perhaps a style that borders on "garish", especially if overdone?

That is what comes to my mind.

But Brocade Home makes me think again.

Their offerings are neither expensive or over-the-top. Think "minimalist boudoir" -- a cleaned-up and current version of style that reads "nobility".

Lisa Versacio is the creator of this relatively new line. She is also the creator of West Elm. I think she is brilliant in the way she takes a concept and gives it mass-market appeal -- in this case, that concept being "elegance".

Hand carved curve back chair -- citrus -- on sale now at Brocade Home for only $159

Check out the sale going on now at Brocade Home.

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