Nov 27, 2007

Ask Me Anything

When I tell people I am a designer I often get two responses. First they say, “oh I just love you” or “I need you.”

It is wonderful to feel loved and needed. I wonder if I would get the same reaction if I were a dentist!

Next I am asked for design advice. It happened last week as I shopped for cosmetics. The clerk asked, “What can I put over my mantel that is not like the typical mirror or painting?”

I told her that the possibilities are endless, and that to find her inspiration she should make a special note of what others are doing that is uncommon or unique.

On a recent trip I found inspiration for mantels in a hotel lobby. I always have my camera handy to capture the unique things I see being done in design. Below is the photo I took of the mantel with vases displayed in a line. While this is a contemporary look, you can change the look by using traditional vases.

Most people have glass vases; how about using a collection of glass or clear vases as seen in St. Louis At Home Magazine (pictured below). For the budget-minded, these can easily be found at garage sales.

You also can be inspired by the things you already own. Special collections offer something that is unique. I had a client who has a collection of cameras. She made an artful display with her cameras placed along the mantel and in shadow boxes hung above on the wall.

Ask me your burning design question! And if you love me, tell me that too!

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