Nov 21, 2007

Julie's Bedroom - a dotted rug

Julie (she's in the photo) and I went shopping for her area rug yesterday. We brought fabric samples from her bed quilt and other furnishings, for reference.

We could not find any ready-made rugs that felt right, so we created our own with the help of Alysia at Rug Décor in Manchester, Missouri.

Their slogan, “your style…our specialty”, fits.

Julie found "her style" in her favorite “dots”. She chose a unique design that links the dots to look almost like strings of pearls.

We selected the colors and Alysia provide a computer-generated picture (see in photo below) for us to view. We’ve requested two strike-offs (samples), with different backgrounds, one white and one periwinkle.

We’ll have these in a month so we can view them in the room to help make our decision. Perhaps you can weigh-in with your opinion!

Julie expected a wool custom rug to be twice the price, but she was surprised to learn that custom rugs, while typically costing more than those off the rack, can still be affordable.

This is especially true at Rug Décor where they offer highly competitive pricing. They will match or beat competitors’ prices, including online prices. This growing company is headquartered in Earth City, Missouri.

Looking for a rug? Try Rug Décor and tell Alysia that I sent you.

And by the way, rugs are not the only place Julie is seeing dots. Stay tuned, there may be more dots in the hallway!

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