Nov 23, 2007

My Black Friday List - found it at the Big Box

Are you ready for Black Friday?

Target has caught my attention with their 1,000, count them, 1,000 thread count bed sheets!

They’ll be sold for half off at $19 per sheet (regular $39.99), their lowest price ever.

Wayne, area manager for Target in Brentwood, Missouri, told me he thinks it is the best deal going on. He knows his linens; he used to work for Bed Bath and Beyond.

While the Target sheets are not made of fine Egyptian cotton, Wayne thinks the higher thread count more than makes up for it.

“These will wear like iron”, Wayne says. “And feel them, they are so soft!”

They are every bit as soft as the 600 thread count sheets I have bought for $50 a sheet, and I thought that was a deal!

Wayne wanted me to notice the difference by feeling the weight of the sheets. He had me hold one 1,000 thread count sheet in one hand and a whole set of 250 thread count in the other. The 1,000 thread count sheet was much heavier, just for the one sheet!

The 1,000 count sheets were Wayne’s top choice for best deals waiting. Second, says Wayne, is the fuzzy bed blanket made of micro fiber. He has one on his bed.

They keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer,” says Wayne. They’ll be on sale for $25 (regular $49.99).

I am always on the hunt for the best deal in luxury sheets. My hunt may end right at Target. I don’t know what could beat it.

While you are at Target, check out these photo frames (above) on the end caps. Normally a great deal at $5, they’ll be on sale for $4.

Happy shopping!

Tell us about the deals you find!

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