Nov 14, 2007

My Home - Inspired by the Freezer

Here is my husband, Dan. Now why is he pointing to the rainbow sherbet?

He wants our living room’s focal wall to be, you guessed it, orange sherbet.

Love that man!

Dan and I are soul mates when it comes to decorating our home.

I hesitate to divulge our style, because I don’t want you to think that “my” style will end up in “your” home, if you hire me to help you decorate. I just won’t do that, it’s your home.

We like any style that is well done. But we are drawn to contemporary styles that sing with clean-lines and vibrant colors. That is how we like to live: simple, clean and vibrant.

However, we also are purists. Our last home was a colonial style home. Well, what I call fake colonial, really. The façade, at least, was colonial, but the bones of the house were not. Regardless, it had a traditional feel, so the purists in us didn’t feel we could go as wild and modern as we would like.

We were driven by the desire to preserve the integrity of our home. And we felt the potential resale value would be greater if we kept our palette more subdued. So we leaned on the side of being practical.

But now we live in space with modern bones. And we are eager to follow our inner desires to go wild.

Orange, olive, brown and chartreuse wild!

We have lived with white walls for a year now, and I hope to paint at least one wall orange -- inspired by Dan -- before Thanksgiving. And more after that.

Dan found his inspiration in the freezer. Where have you found inspiration for your color palette?

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Whitney Johnson said...

Love your color studies!