Mar 3, 2008

Writing on the Wall -- Katherine's Kitchen

Here is more on Katherine's Kitchen, a DIY project.

Wallwords -- also called wallstickers, vinyl stickers -- are becoming popular and I used a version of the art form in Katherine's kitchen on her soffit.

I cut letters from paper, positioned and adhered to the soffit using a forgiving re-positioning glue found at most stores selling scrapbook supplies. The glue makes the paper act like a "post-it-note" to allow you to reposition the paper. Left in place it adheres permanantly. The cost for the wallwords was under $3, that included paper and glue.

Wow, that is a lot of bang for the buck.

To create the letters I choose a font on my computer and printed each letter to be 4 inches tall. Next I placed a blank paper on the bottom and cut around the printed letter using it as a template. You could use any color paper. We choose white to complement the white cabinets.

This project takes a steady hand and some time. If you don't want to attempt this yourself, there are plenty of online sources for wallwords. Check out Uppercase Living or do a search on Etsy for wallstickers.

Send me a photo of your "writing on the wall".


Anonymous said...


I got yur name over at Pat's

I love your site...great job on the kitchen.

Nice to meet you,
Kathy :)

PAT said...

Hi Dana! I am so happy you stopped by. I am catching up this morning, with my visiting. Yesterday was very busy, so I disconnected pretty early, yesterday evening.

Thanks so much for the magazine info!

I'd love to meet you one day. It's always fun discovering neighbors in blogland.

Love the wall writing. I've not attempted it, but always admired it.


cozy at home said...

You deserve an A+ for patience and creativity! Great job on the kitchen :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Great project, Dana! I have been wanting some wallwords in my house too, but I love the script ones best. I'll probably order one of those kits & do that.

Love it,