Mar 17, 2008

Being Green

Nesting bowls from LUREARTS.

It's St. Patrick's Day...are you wearing green?

Let's explore "green" -- my very favorite color. I love all the shades.

Kermit the frog said, "It isn't easy being green."

For a frog, that may be true. But for those who care about the environment, being green is made easier by such St. Louis groups as Freecycle, Restore and E-cycle. You can find a Freecycle and ReStore in almost any part of the country.

Or do like my friend Julie did, she started her own recylce group with women at her church. They email each other with items they want to give away.

On Etsy today, take the "green tour" via the treasury list courtesy of leavesofglass.

Consider being green and adding green to your decor today!

1 comment:

PAT said...

Green is one of my favorite colors too.

If I can count J's old very very dark green sweatshirt, then yes, I'm wearing green.

Dana, I e-mailed the Windsor chair info, did it arrive?

Happy Saint Paddy's Day!