Mar 28, 2008

No More Hospital Blinds!

Laura, of, a new St. Louis favorite and artist, has agreed to help Gina and I with our Haven of Grace project. I am so excited about her right brain joining our team.

I was searching her blog -- Paint in My Hair -- and found so many amazing ideas for stretching our decorating dollar. I will feature a few here, so stay tuned, or visit her site if you can't wait.

Her slip covered blinds (see above photo) should win some kind of prize! Oh, how I dislike those metal or plastic hospital blinds -- so sterile, home use should be outlawed. Learn more: click here.

And look how Laura retrofitted an antique highchair to buckle in her son so he doesn't take flight. How did they do without seat belts in the olden days?

Wow, I am impressed. Laura wins my DIY prize for the week!

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