Mar 24, 2008

Mod Bedding and Giveaways--found it at the Big Box

Bedding by Dwell at Target

For a long time I have been moaning the fact that there has been few sources for modern bedding at affordable prices.

Thankfully, that is changing.

At our "Design Hop" (more on that later, it's a design club, think "garden club"), Stephanie was asking about sources for modern bedding. I told her about an exciting development. Dwell, relatively new to the industry and fast becoming a household name for modern bedding, has partnered with Target to bring us affordable and stylish designs. Check them out at: Target. And for a limited time receive free shipping on orders over $50.

Bedding by KuKunest

And take note of a fun offer from mod*mom. She has several giveaways going on including darling mod bedding by KuKunest. Click here to enter: mod*mom giveaways. It is easy, just scroll down to her giveaways and leave a comment.

Let me know your affordable sources for modern or unique bedding.


PAT said...

Hi Dana,

I didn't know about the new bedding at Target. Target is a great place to find Pottery Barn lookalikes at affordable prices. When I have time, I like to browse that store. It's certainly improved over the years.

Thanks so much for your comment at the back porch. St Lukes is in Chesterfield. We saw the surgeon yesterday. He believes, if all goes according to plan, J might well be released same day as surgery. This is so amazing!

We'll be staying in Chesterfield before surgery, since it is scheduled for very early in the day.

I'd love to get together with you sometime!


cozy at home said...

I LOVE Target!