Mar 12, 2008

Haven of Grace

My, time flies when you haven't blogged. There are several excuses and several projects taking my time.

Topping the list: Haven of Grace.

Haven of Grace is a special organization to help young homeless mothers and is championed by Editor, Christy Marshall of St. Louis Magazine AT HOME. She invited eight designers to decorate eight apartments for Haven of Grace.

I am lucky to be one of the designers working on the project. I am especially fortunate to have enlisted designer and friend, Gina Adolphson, to work with me. She has taken the lead in collecting fabrics and brainstorming the design.

This is not your typical project. Our inspiration is limited by what donations come in. So our color palette is not inspired by our favorite fabric on the bolt, but rather by what is given to us by kind retailers.

Gina made the rounds collecting miscellaneous items. We selected a few to create our palette.

We were given a fabric panel of leaves and fruits in an unusual mix of chartreuse, plum, slate blue, turquoise, burnt orange and bright orange and rosy reds. We decided to pull a palette of mostly blues and oranges from this piece for the living and dining rooms.

Gina told me today that she has enjoyed the challenge of creating a design around a fabric that was not of her choosing. "It has made me consider other possibilities with color I never imagined", she says. "I really love this palette."

Gina also loves the idea of a graphic bird mural painted above the dining nook. She picked birds just because she likes the shape of the template she was given. She doesn't know why, but it just appeals to her.

I like it too.

Please tell us how you've found design inspiration by something that was given to you.

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PAT said...

Hi Dana...this sounds like a wonderful project! It also sounds like you have a great design coming together. I believe, though challenging, it would be fun to design around a fabric or object, not of my choosing. I don't remember ever doing that.

The bird mural is a fabulous idea!

cozy at home said...

Beautiful color palate! I have rarely decorated with my dream anything... it seems to have been what has been on sale, or given to us. I have enjoyed the opportunity to come up with ideas. Just the past few years, I will really study out what I really want and eventually get it... sometimes to find my tastes change faster than I thought they would. The discount and free stuff makes it easier to change my mind/tastes without the guilt :)
It looks like you will do an amazing job!

cozy at home said...

Hi Dana...
I would love to come help :) Let me know and I will try my best to be there.