Sep 19, 2008

More Designing Haven of Grace -- Dominique

Dominique James, 21, and mother of a beautiful daughter was the recipient of the apartment Gina and I designed as part of the Haven of Grace project.

Christy Marshall, editor of St. Louis AT HOME magazine, wanted to be sure that each recipient felt it was her home. So she had photos taken of the women and their children and asked the designers to find a special place to hang them.

Gina and I wanted to display these in the entry. We were only allowed to paint three accent walls, so we could not paint the entry walls. However we wanted to set off the photos, make them stand out, rather than place them on a blank wall.

Dominique enjoying the reveal of her new apartment as Gina looks on.

At the end of our budget and donated supplies, I grabbed our leftover bathroom paint to create a 6 inch wide stripe behind each frame. I think the purple paint really makes the black and white photos and silver frames pop.

left to right: Gina, Dominique with daughter, and Dana.


cozy at home said...

Beautiful! Great idea Dana :)

becky said...

What an innovative idea...I really like it!