Jun 27, 2008

Affordable Art

Mass-produced art puts art within reach of the masses. You find them in the Big Box stores or catalogs often digitally reproduced on canvas.

Even still, I favor real ink, glue and paint on paper.

Many people believe original or handmade art is expensive.

Think again.

Emerging artists making a name for themselves offer affordable artwork. And accessibility is increasing with sites like Etsy.

Some sites, like Poppytalk, are emerging as web-based curators promoting the best independent artists. Check out Poppytalk's Affordable Art Guide.

Next time you are shopping for something to put on your walls,curio shelves or mantels, consider supporting the emerging artist. You can build a collection for even less than you would pay for digital-produced art. And you'll have something of far greater value than mass-produced art can give you; you'll have art that is real, impressive, meaningful and beautiful.

Photo above is my favorite by Stephanie Levy currently highlighted Poppytalk's Affordable Art Guide.


connie said...

Thank you for your post on buying original art from emerging artists. You are so right...it is not that expensive and it will add such depth and interest to your decor. One way to find artists is to look for painting blogs. You can google daily painters or subjects such as landscape country road, etc. Most small daily paintings sell for around 99.oo. Of course, this is shameless self promotion, but you can look at my work on http://connie snipes.blogspot.com
Love your blog. I always learn something. Connie

Connie said...

Hi Dana, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I really do paint everyday although I don't always have a new painting to post every day. Connie