Jun 14, 2008

Budget Design Inspiration

A few things crossing my inbox this week to inspire the budget decorator.

First from a Missouri favorite, Pat at Back Porch Musings shares her DIY project to cover a $20 sidewalk sale chair in zebra print. I am very drawn to traditional furnishings covered in unexpected prints. I think it looks right at home in her more traditional setting. Let's hear it for Pat!

Pat's chair before makeover

Pat's chair after makeover

Pat's chair looking at home in its new surroundings

From our St. Louis favorite, UMA, these very fun vinyl tiles, Mozaikit: 225 a set for only $25.

I have blogged about vinyl stickers before -- they are the new wallpaper. Cover anything and have fun.

From Ballard Designs, we can be inspired by three basic rooms decorated with accessories for under $1000. I show one of them below. It's inspirational for sure, but I bet I could do it for half that. Dare me? Check out all three the rooms: Decorating on a Budget from Ballard Designs.



On the designHop front, we have seen a great response to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article. Many are inquiring how they can start a designHop club or party. I will share details soon. Please leave a comment if you would like to learn more...and check out the new designHop links.


PAT said...

Thank you Dana!


lindaharre said...

Hi Dana.......Thank YOU for coming to my blog....LOL! Laura Gunn is a very familiar name, but no, she is not in this group! There are only 4 of us and we don't really do a lot of interior design. With that said, I would love to be included in your group just to see what others are doing and how it is working:D I can send you pics of what we are doing if you would like. I think this type of group is sooooooo healthy (would that be the right word?). Doesn't cost anything and we derive such pleasure seeing a job completed. Because we all care so much about each other......we are happy to see our friend happy! hugs, Linda

janika said...

I'd love to learn more about setting up a design hop in my area (Boston). I enjoy reading your blog and was introduced to it by my good friend Whitney. Can't wait to get my home in shape!