May 29, 2008

NEW from our St. Louis Favorites

More great stuff from a St. Louis favorite: UMA.

I just love their new bamboo screens. These are especially practical if you need to divide a room but don't want to pay for dry wall or don't want a permanent divide. I love the organic feel, the colors and shapes. Starting at $260, they create a lot of drama and interest for the buck.

While they are shown in a contemporary space, I think the screens can complement any style.

From the website:

Roll them, curl them, make them your own shape. These pliable bamboo screens are in many colors; tan, light green, chocolate, turquoise, natural, and black. The undulating top makes them even more fluid and organic. The natural features of the bamboo are accentuated by a light stain. And at only $260 for a 6' x 8' screen, they are amazingly inexpensive for a room divider. We also stock an 8' x 10' version with no scallops and it's priced at only $380!

Visit UMA in downtown St. Louis or on the web at

And here is a shout out to another St. Louis favorite -- Colleen Livingston Mitchell, Photographer and Digital Artist, will show her work at an Art Show opening this Sunday, June 1 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Soulard Coffee Garden, 910 Geyer Ave in St. Louis. I plan to be there with camera in hand and share highlights next week.

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cozy at home said...

I love bamboo and these screens look amazing!