Apr 6, 2008

Armoire Transformed -- Found it at the Big Box

I have a special love for Target and for furnishings remade with paint...so here is an idea that really spoke to me.

This is where Rachel and Phoebe truly work together.

Jen from Sanctuary Arts at Home, inspires us to pull out the paint to give not only yard sale finds a lift, but also to give Target mass-market furnishings that one-of-a-kind look.

Jen says:

"...don't be afraid to pull out the paint and give something new life instead of putting it into the land fill and spending unnecessary money. Reusing something and putting some paint on it is a green and budget friendly choice. I know some people feel nervous about coating good wood in latex ( Mom, good wood isn't good wood if it's ugly.), but really, it is only paint."
See the Target armoire transformed, below:

Armoire before Jen does her magic.

Wow, what a transformation!


PAT said...

Dana, this is fabulous! I'll have to have a look at those Target armoires. Then again, I have a little vintage (1950's?) armoire up in the studio...hmmm...it really needs some paint! You have me thinking, now.


Jen r. said...

Thanks so much for featuring this!!! I love how you wrote the post. I've linked it in a post off of my blog. Jen R

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Jen does great work! I love visiting her blog and this one is fantastic.