Apr 30, 2008

Let's hear it for Jessica Gooley, The Belly Button Bunch

I love giving "shout outs" to entrepreneurial women who offer us home decor from the heart. Let's hear it for Jessica Gooley, who has created a group of fun zany animal wall hangings in colors that really pop. They are called the "Belly Button Bunch".

The style reminds me of children's books or coloring books I saw in the 60s. Made of the ever popular felt, they have a retro fun feel. I think they would be at home in any children's room, day care, classroom and doctor's office.

How do you get one?

Right now, the Belly Button Bunch wall hangings are available either as limited-edition, handmade art or as a do-it-yourself craft kit which includes all materials but the frame. See the website -- click here -- for more details.

Jessica asked for advice on marketing her fun friends. I suggested an Etsy shop.

What ideas do you have for her? And can you share Jessica's Belly Button Bunch with your friends?

Thanks to Whitney Johnson of Dare to Dream for helping Jessica and bringing her to my attention.


PAT said...

Thanks Dana! I'll share this with my daughters!


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Very cute! And yes they do have that 60's styling to them.

I wish I had a children's room to decorate. But, then again, they'd be fun in a creative office space, too. :)