Apr 24, 2008

America's Homes

I love IKEA... cheap and chic, the way we like it!

IKEA's catalog is my most well-worn catalog. Every year it is more clever than the year before. I was especially grabbed by a headline on the front of this years catalog:

Home is the most important place.

To make their point, IKEA has published a beautiful book that takes a peek inside the diverse homes of America.

And to drive the point home, so to speak, the home they want to feature on the book's cover is YOUR home and family. You customize the book with your home and/or family on the cover.

Check it out by clicking here.

I am considering this photo -- at left -- depicting our move last year to our new home. Pretty much sums up the experience!

Home is the most important place...and it's the most fun too.


Whitney Johnson said...

There is so much to love about this idea!

Thank you for sharing this.


PAT said...

Dana, that photo is priceless! I love it.


cozy at home said...

I LOVE Ikea too...
I emailed them last week and told them how much St Louis needs one. (Maybe we could start flooding them with emails like that :)
Cute picture. It would be great on your book.

becky said...

i went to ikea just recently for the very first time...i fell in luv at the top of the escalator and stayed totally overwhelmed for hours...it is an amazing place. i am really looking forward to my return trip - now that i know what to expect.

The photo of your family is just priceless!