Aug 9, 2009

Glass Installation -- my place!

Here is an exciting preview of the Chihuly-inspired glass installation above my fireplace. Jana from Gringo Jones came to install the glass. The plates and pods (curly objects) are individual pieces of recycled glass made in Mexico. Together we sculpted the shape.

Jana put brackets on the wall and wired them in place. Earlier in the week I painted my wall the turquoise color with one inch wide stripes -- still in progress, I grab the paint roller whenever I have an hour or two. I love how the layers of pattern and color play off each other.

Thanks Jana, it was a fun collaboration!

Stay tuned for more exciting layers of color and pattern to be revealed in my home. Yummy!


cozy at home said...

You picked paint! Looks awesome :)

Alicia said...

Yea! I'm excited to see the changes in your home from afar. It looks beautiful, but I expected nothing less.