Mar 13, 2009

Save the Pink Bathrooms -- embrace mid-century modern

Check out this week's LifeStyle section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Aisha Sultan writes about the Formenti home decorated in 1956 that is perfectly preserved, not a scratch on the furniture and the stove used only 28 times for Thanksgiving meals.

How, you ask?

The family lived for years in the basement and only entered the kitchen and living room on special occasions. Even at special times the furniture was covered in plastic.

The house, located on the Hill, was on tour for a while, but sadly I missed it. I would have jumped at the chance to see it.

I have had a number of clients who want to rip out or otherwise disguise their 1950's pink tiled bathroom.

Hold on folks!

Consider embracing the pink. There are a growing number of folks looking for mid-century styling and pink bathrooms. If the Formenti home is any indication, it sold for the list price before it was listed!

Hello, that's in a buyer's market!

Where are these mid-century enthusiasts? Check out and also check out retro renovation .

Locally you can find retro furnishings at a St. Louis favorite: T.F.A.

For helpful hints as listed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, click here.

If you live in St. Louis and have a pink bathroom worth saving, I would love to help!

Photo above as seen on Retro Renovation.

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