Feb 28, 2009

10th Street Lofts Lobby Project Update -- introducing Laura Gunn and Paul Pagano

I am still working on the 10th Street Lofts lobby -- downtown St. Louis, Missouri. We are almost done. The photo (click on images to enlarge) does not show the floor as well as I'd like. It is a chameleon floor that changes from brilliant emerald green to steel gray depending on the light and where you stand. It's unlike anything I have seen in floor treatments. If you are downtown, give me a call and I'd be happy to show it to you.

We added the bright green wall that houses the mailbox units. It's covered in Valtex commercial-grade vinyl wallcovering.

The over sized lamp in the corner is so fun and unexpected. It really lights up the corner and splashes light clear up to the two story ceiling. It has only three light bulbs, but looks like so much more. It will look even better when our furniture is in. It's from Ashley Furniture Homestore in Kirkwood, where I work.

The major large abstract artwork hung on the brick wall is by Laura Gunn -- see her work and blog entry about the piece: click here.

Paul Pagano, local artist, designer and craftsman extraordinaire, has joined me in the project to design a bench and table (see drawings above).

I can hardly wait to see the end result, but the process is the most fun. I love my work that allows me the opportunity to connect with inspiring artists like Laura and Paul.

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Anonymous said...

It looks awesome Dana! I love the texture the floor gives to the space. I wish I could see it in person.