Dec 1, 2008

Rebecca's room

I work part-time at Ashley Furniture in Kirkwood Missouri. The most fun part of my job is to learn how customers plan to decorate their rooms. I ask them to send photos of their completed rooms and some take me up on it.

Rebecca and her parents bought the Cottage Retreat bedroom set and designed the room around a Hershey chocolate and bright pink color scheme.

I love the strong colors and dynamic prints in the bedding.

Terrific job...way to go Rebecca!


Anonymous said...

i found your page browsing st. louis interior design. have you ever heard of cole scego? I live in chicago and he was just in a magazine up here and it stated that he lived a half hour west of st. louis. his stuff is amazing but probably amazing expensive as well. cheers andrea

cozy at home said...

That is so cool that they actually sent you pictures. I'm sure you are great at your job there.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

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