Dec 6, 2008

Heather's Dreaming of a Modern Christmas

Modern Christmas tree tea light holder. To view: click here.

Heather, friend and client, is remodling her home, the whole downstairs including entry way, dining room, living room, family room and kitchen. She and her family are embracing contemporary design after many years of living in a traditional space.

Decorating for Christmas this year and coming years may mean revamping or remaking Christmas decorations to complement her new furnishings. So Heather and I have been on the hunt for inspiration in modern holiday design. I came across a variety of things.

For starters, design*sponge has this terrific DIY project to create mod paper ornaments (below). Learn how: click here. These colors might be a bit subdued for Heather's tastes that tend towards bright saturated hues, but she can use any colors to create these. And she can whip out several of these paper gems with the help of her five kids and husband Tom. A great family night project for sure! Best thing, it's not a budget buster.

Make a few for me, please!

How about this glass spiral goodie (below) for a tree topper! Found on Ebay - click here - comes in several colors.

Check out the fun stockings at Bunnie Maxwell (below) and click here. These are Heather's colors!

Found it at the Big Box, yesssss! Target has these trees (below) in red and white -- click here.

A search on Etsy uncovered tons of fun items to inspire.

Like these (below) acrylic ornaments. Click here to see more.

I am loving these felt bobbles found on Etsy -- click here

Heather must have an abominable snowman (below)! What could be more contemporary and contrarian! Also brought to you by Etsy -- click here.

This just may be my personal favorite from Bunny with a Toolbelt - click here. A very contemporary and fun nativity (below). Check out the link for more Christmas designs including ethnic Santas and wisemen in assorted colors and designs.

Heather needs this pillow (below) for her piano room that is done in black, turquoise and green. Found on Etsy - click here.

This ornament (below) reminds me of the complex graphic designs Heather loves. Found on Etsy - click here.

Heather wants to inject more turquoise color in her holiday decor. Here are some I found on Etsy doing a search by color with key words like "ornament" and "Christmas decorations". You can find handmade items in any color by searching the thousands of crafters on Etsy.
Beautiful polymer clay filigree ornament(below) - click here.

Fused glass star ornament (below) - click here.

Trio of trees below - click here.

Turquoise Glass Icicle ornaments (below) and in a variety of colors - click here.

And last, this just looks like something Heather would tuck away some place, even an area of sophisticated decor just to throw you off. Heather is always good for the unexpected startling surprise. Carmen might become part of the family tree, Christmas or otherwise, a new family member. If Carmen paints her nails, she's in! (side note: Heather always paints her nails). See more of Carmen - click here.


cozy at home said...

Heather sounds like a lot of fun:)
Very creative and inspiring ideas...
Thanks Dana

Annamarie said...

It's just a perfect decoration for Christmas.

fashion jewelry said...

lol,so nice