Feb 7, 2008

Valentine Vase

A fun idea from UMA ( Urban Materials and Accessories ) -- chalkboard vases. What a fun way to write your loved one a special message.

This gave me an idea. Why not take chalkboard paint and make your own DIY vase.

What other items can get the chalkboard treatment? How about a chunky picture frame or a decorative plate -- write a message on the rim and place treats in the middle.

What ideas do you have for using chalkboard paint?


Whitney Johnson said...

I just read through the description of your blog. I LIKE IT!

Whitney Johnson said...
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cozy at home said...

I LOVE chalkboard paint! I have a big square I painted on my kitchen wall. My husband made a frame for it - including a routed line for a chalk ledge. Our family loves it and uses it for reminders and happy thoughts. I would like to get some magnetic chalkboard paint too.
Love your thoughts and ideas :)

Dana's Design Studio & Wholesale Furnishings said...

Hey, Cozy,

Send a photo we can share!


tracyho said...

very creative , just love it,

tracy ho