Feb 21, 2010

Kelvin's place -- my first ever vlog

So here is my first attempt to capture, on film, what I do. This is Kelvin's place that I just finished working with my design-buddy Paul Pagano.

I shot video on my iphone, not the best quality, I know...but starting with what I have.

My purpose here was to: 1) learn how to create composition with the camera, 2)see how lighting affected the views and 3) see how I could get my subjects (people) to respond.

Thanks Kelvin and Katherine for helping out!

I didn't have to talk them into it which surprised me. It shouldn't have. Kelvin is experienced in PR, so he gets it. Katherine loves to talk and is so personable. I should know that many friends will want to join in.

Katherine asked that I not focus on her face because she didn't have her makeup on.

I get that.

So I artfully (at least I think it is artful...thoughts?) shot her from the back and side in silhouette form. You see her camera in the film and get the idea she is examining the space for the shoot, which is why we were there in the first place. Katherine Bish shoots most of my portfolio shots.

OK, so how do I shoot windows without it making my view all dark. I know that you aren't suppose to shoot into windows but how can I show the window treatments then?

Really, I was tickled at how I could manipulate the shots to capture what I want. Film is like playing with clay. Never occurred to me before. I really like this medium of expression. I think I am catching the bug... a little excited, for a moment...but I feel so amateur and limited, scared again.

It's a beginning, right?

Kelvin is a doll, a great client (all my clients are wonderful in different ways). Kelvin is a great communicator and set the design objective early in our first meeting. His goal was to redesign his masculine bachelor pad to be more inviting for his female friends. He talks about some of the things that made a difference.

I wish I could string these videos together, put in music, cool graphics, my commentary...etc. I will learn. I am determined to master technology I find totally scary.

Let me know what you think of the videos...any tips are welcome.

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Maria said...

My first thought was "I have to hire Dana the next time she comes to Utah"