Dec 27, 2009

Phillips Furniture -- one table, four ways

I am having so much fun in the very fashion-forward Phillips Furniture store in Kirkwood, Missouri, where I've opened the in-home design program that offers affordable design services.

Our store is where "life meets style", as the tag line says.

True to life, a client gave me design challenge. She loves the above very cool guitar-pick table by Sitcom. She wants to replace the stools for chairs that provide a supportive back for her child's booster seat.

Can life meet style?

Ha, you bet!

I found three stylish options to support a booster seat:

So which is your favorite?
Come visit me at Phillip's Furniture to learn more about the in-home design program, because YOU deserve a designer! 314-966-0047

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You also have a great blog. I'm loving it. Vicki D